Experiosity “Nature” Moments

The ability to explore nature and play in the outdoors is important to every child.  Here is a check list of great activities.  Look them over and than begin exploring with curiosity as you enjoy being involved in the world around you.  Yes, even in a mud puddle.

___ Splash in the water                           ___ Photograph / Watch wildlife                

___  Play in the mud/dirt                          ___ Jump in a Puddle          

___ Listen to a bird                                   ___ Build an outdoor fort

___ Learn to swim                                    ___ Smell a Wildflower

___ Play in the snow                                 ___ Explore a park or conservation area

___ Plant a seed                                          ___ Play in the leaves

___ Camp outside                                      ___ Paddle a canoe

___ Climb a tree/ Poll down a hill            ___ Follow a trail

___ Go fishing                                              ___ Start a rock collection

___ Touch and feel the bark on a tree    ___ Visit a Ranch/Farm  

___ Create an outdoor adventure           ___ Turn over a log

___ Harvest something to eat                  ___ Explore nature

___ Gaze at the Stars                                 ___ Go on  a picnic

___ Share nature with your friends        ___ ______?________  

Do you have another idea on what to do outside?  Please send us your ideas. Will enjoy hearing from you.


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