In the Moment …Now! Listen to the Beat! Broadcast

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Listen to the Beat! Your beat! Your drum beat is the one to step in time to. Your beat is the one that will resound throughout the world around you when you step to that unbelievable feel it makes.

Whether you are in your home, out into the Natural World or at work your beat is always in tune when you are connected with to your own music. Your connection to the the drums near you can make magic. Listen in, join us and share this active show when we connect to our drum beat. It will be fun, entertaining and filled with stories and thoughts on connecting to the drum beat.

Jeff Cannon will inspire us as he shares what happened to him through a journal entry just this past week.

For more information also connect with us at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village and Experiosity.

Resources for Broadcast
Wildside short story contest

Music to Listen to from our own Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village Library