What Nature Means To Me!

What Nature Means to Me!”…

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Bison Spirit in Hayden Valley Glimpse through the Rushes in Paradise A peaceful Moment in the Tetons

Hi Everyone!  Here I am..."Experiosity Chuck" and My Side-Kick  "Curio"

Hi Everyone! Here I am…”Experiosity Chuck” and My Side-Kick “Curio”

Nature is my teacher! From the Clouds above to the waters, every day when I go outside I become alive in a way that brings me that excitement about life.  It soothes me when I feel low.  Nature helps me open my senses to the specialness of the real world …the true world.  It has taught me and continues to teach me the Natural World of living is the true way of living!  It has helped me learn that the material world only provides me a few of the tools for living such as comfort; however, the natural world brings me to a place of humble thoughts and that I am just one small piece to the life’s puzzle.  Nature is my teacher as it shares its gifts in the wealth of beauty and life’s lessons.  As one journalist said…he finally learned that “Nature” is his employer.   For me God has provided me a journey that has lead me to this realization.  Oh am I so thankful.  Whatever I do I will always continue to embrace the love I receive everyday from the Natural World.  

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Experiosity Kid Reporters

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