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Resources to help Kid’s Begin Journaling

1.  6 benefits of journal writing for elementary students, plus some ideas for making writing lists to spark kids imaginations.   Click Here

2  Daily writing in a relaxed format provides a non-threatening way to be able to explore different thoughts, ideas and topics without being concerned about audience presentation.

 3.  Animals are one of the greatest keys to inviting kids to write.  Have your kids go outside and have an adventure looking for all kinds of things from bugs to leaves to a treasure no one knows is around.  It is all about “Getting Outside.”  Please watch this video which is a composite of slides from schools in a group of California classrooms.  Many of the slides use our wonderful animals to excite the children in expressing themselves.  Just watch and you will see how teachers excite kids by using animals as the catalyst to begin writing.



Resources on our Literacy List…

As we research resources for you to use, please know that our list comes to you to support a way of finding resources for you to review.  Each resource will not answer everyone’s needs.   We ask that you provide input by sending us an email at  Your input is important to our work.

Now for our inspiring site of the week ,,,  “Noodle Tools”

Noodle Tools    –  Noodle Tools ignites ideas on promoting literacy.  This all began with the collaboration of a mother and son.  Hope you find these teaching resources supportive to your needs. 

1.  Online Opportunities for Young Writers”

2.  Visual Literacy Project Ideas and Project Idea Plan # 2

3.   More Noodle Tools on Visual Literacy