Reconnecting Kids with the Wild – and Older Kids, Too! Part One


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  – Albert Einstein


Chuck and Curio from “Experiosity” Tree House 

have been on the lookout for ….

Projects fighting  “Nature Deficit Disorder”

“Where is Experiosity Going to take us today?  Here comes Experiosity Now!  Lets follow our leader….”  

Experiosity Kid Reporters

#1.   Project Wild Thing and The Wild Network – This is a people powered movement.   It’s success will be down to the actions and the energy of this growing community.  If you want nature, wildness and free-range living for kids and adults to exist alongside an increasingly industrialized and technological society then join us and get involved in making that happen.

Click here for  Nature Activities>>>>   Wildtime with Your Kids   

The activities provided by “The Wild Network” provides Inspiring activities for children and for grown-ups too.  

 Watch and Listen to this Message…All about Nature in our life or lack of .


#2.   Now Explore more ideas Chuck and Curio have found by watching this Introduction to great stuff to do!      

Now Explore and get started!!      Click Here>>>>>50 Things to do before you are 11 3/4

Hi Everyone!  Here I am..."Experiosity Chuck" and My Side-Kick  "Curio"

Hi Everyone! Here I  am …”Experiosity Chuck” and My Side-Kick “Curio”

As children of all ages go outside and connect with “Nature” have them take along a “Nature Journal like Chuck and Curio.” There is a story waiting to happen. At NaNoWriMo for Young Writers it can happen. If you are a teacher at home or at school introduce your children and yourself. of course, to the National November Writer’s Month. Great way for all to connect with that inner genius inside and connect with other people as well. Read more about it right here.

Click here to connect with Kid’s Writer’s Camp in July.  Sign up now!

and July Summer Camp, too!

photo project wild“Curio we had better begin journaling some of the things we are finding as Experiosity takes us outside and on these trips. Wow! We are learning so much and having so much FUN!”


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Share what you are doing to bring the “Sun into your life.

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