In the Moment visits with Jeff Cannon and his journey finding Yellowstone

jeff cannon2Are you on a search to find a peaceful place to think? Is your life rushing by? Don’t miss this episode..You will surely connect with Jeff Cannon who is finding the answers to a few of his own questions, The questions could be yours as well.

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Adele Arnesen, Founder of Resilience Living,LLC, “In the Moment with Adele” and Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village bring to you during each broadcast a Nature report from Yellowstone National Park. It will be filled with all types of sharing moments about how the Natural World can make a difference in our lives. How the natural world is an important key in living a Resilient Lifestyle. During our broadcasts we will share experiences on what is happening in and around our outdoors. It will

We Welcome you to our In The Moment Broadcast brought to you each Monday at 10am from the Experiosity Tree House. The Experiosity Tree House Project is located at Brook N’ Dell Virtual Village. in our Experiosity Tree House Headquarters.

Our Mission is to Call Everyone to Get Outside and Play and Create with Nature and the Wild all around you. Building Curiosity as we uncover the “wonders” that only nature can provide is so much fun. Photography Moments, a bit of Journaling what we find and creating a quiet time are all treasures that our :Natural World” presents to us each and

Each week “In The Moment” will share what is happening in and around our backyard, Yellowstone National Park, as well as provide ideas to expand your thoughts on getting more .