Vitamin N –

 Steam Heat at Yellowstone

Steam Heat at Yellowstone

Within the pages of  Richard Louv’s book, “The Nature Principle,” he shares much research on the benefits of going outdoors and providing Nature in your life.  He calls this Vitamin N.

Throughout the pages of the insights that are noted in this book the reader can find many useful reasons how Nature is the antidote to healthy and mind filled living for all of us.  As Experiosity’s mission is to provide education on learning the Why’s in Experiencing Nature and Life with Curiosity within our daily life, the information on The “Nature” Vitamin provided by this author is a must read. 

The impact of the Nature Vitamin was validated a century ago by John Muir.  John Muir observed that:  “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home, that wilderness is a necessity, and that mountain parks and reservations are useful not only as fountains of timber and irrigating rivers, but fountains of life.”  

On a personal note, I ventured to Yellowstone to work three summers ago.  It was a time in my life I wanted to experience a different type of environment from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  My thoughts were that this would be just an experience for a few months.  This was back in 2011.  Well, I am still here.  Not only have I experienced a 3rd summer moreover, the mountains and the Yellowstone ecosystem has shown me the importance of the mountains and how the mountains do speak to you in a special way.  Each person who has visited Yellowstone for the 1st time has shared similar stories.  The impact is definitely adding to the meaning of what life is all about to me and to multitudes of visitors.  Yellowstone has been called “Wonderland.”  It has definitely taught us on the importance of Nature and the need to visit.  As John Muir observed, coming to the mountains is indeed “Returning Home.”

Would love to hear from you on your Nature experiences.  How has it impacted your life?  If you have not been to the mountains do come.  It will be life changing.  However, share the natural world as you have experienced it in your life.  You might have had similar experiences at the ocean shores or the river’s edge in your area of the world. 

As with all of us this is a very stress filled life.  Nature in an important Vitamin we need to include in our life each and every day. Print It is of utmost important for our children.  With technology taking over much of their life with cell phones, text messaging, on-line games and more, our children…each and every one of them,   needs to learn with our support and love, the fun and experience only nature can provide.  It will provide a depth of curiosity on what the world around them can provide.  It will excite them to learn to appreciate the “Real” world and learn how it is important to preserve the natural world for all generations to come. 

This is all about having a Resilience Living Lifestyle.  Join me and all who are excited about Experiosity’s Mission.


The Experiosity Project is brought to you by Resilience Living, LLC, from Gardiner, MT., The Archway to Yellowstone National Park.